Brookwood 167

board accomplishments

Approval of the resolution for a tax abatement for 2022 and 2023 for the Community residents
Applied for and received the FY23 Property Tax Relief Grant offered by ISBE
Attendance of the School Board at State and National Conferences –continued professional development by the Board
Approval of two (2) Social Workers at every school in the District prioritizing Wellness & SEL needs of students
Adoption of SEL Screener and SEL Curriculum Second Step for students
Adoption of Next Level Curriculum to support PBIS, SEL, Motivational, and Mentoring Programs funded with Title Grants
Parent Universities held quarterly
Beacon Threat Assessment Training for all staff to support safety and security
Purchased Stop the Bleed Kits for all schools
Bilingual Parent Advisory Group (BPAC) Meetings
Dreambox Math Program adopted K-8 as a supplemental resource for students’ math literacy
Raz Kids Reading Program adopted K-4 as a supplemental resource for students’ reading literacy
Study Island adopted to support Reading, Math, and Science intervention and enrichment for students
Lumos Learning adopted to support student success in Math and Reading on assessments
Naviance Adopted to support College and Career Readiness Standards
Adoption of PowerSchool Parent Portal for parents’ access to their child’s information
Hosted the Regional IASB Winter Breakfast showcasing the District
Partnerships/Renewals with Soliant Health, Sunbelt Staffing, AYA Health, Maxim Healthcare, ProCare Therapy, House of Light,Salinas Education Services for Special Education services to support students

Purchased a fence to be installed around the garbage area at Hickory Bend Elementary

Provided a new food service provider for students,
Quest Food Service
–serving meals from scratch

Approval of the new roof installed at the District by J&F Chiattello Construction, Inc.

Approval of new food service counters at Longwood Elementary by TriMark

Approval of the adoption of the Supplemental Savings Plan (SSP) offered through TRS Illinois

Approval of the Brookwood School District 167 Consolidated Plan for the FY23 and FY24 school years as required by ISBE

Approval of Tuition Reimbursement for USA/Classifed and GEA/Certified staff

Renewal of Gaggle to provide data migration, Email archiving, and safety management services for the District
Allocated Title Funds for FY23 and FY24 school year as appropriated by ISBE for intervention programs, instructional programs, District curriculum programs, Professional Development, SEL services/supports, technology integration and family engagement

Provided a stipend to all USA/GEA staff for full completion of mandated trainings via GCN

Purchased additional camera coverage for safety and security at our schools through Sentinel Technologies

Successful filing of E-Rate Reimbursement for Brookwood School District 167

Completion of new playgrounds and ribbon cutting ceremonies at BMS and Longwood

Received the FY23 School Maintenance Project Grant

Purchased/Installed new display/trophy cases at Brookwood Junior High School main hallway

Approval of the sound system upgrade for Brookwood Middle School Gym and Cafeteria and Brookwood Junior High School Gym

Approval of Red Cat (Audio Enhancement System) Installation by Metropolitan Corp to ensure audio equity in all classrooms

Approval of the Membership to the Schools of Illinois Public Cooperative (SIPC) Intergovernmental Agreement

Approval of a new scoreboard at Longwood Elementary Purchased and installed by NEVCO

Approval of School Improvement Plans for Longwood, Hickory Bend, Brookwood Middle School and Brookwood Junior High School

Approval of Tax Levy Resolution 2022, Resolution Reduction of Certain Fund Levies and Resolution of Loss and Cost Factor

Ongoing support of Health & Wellness Initiatives for staff including the Second Step SEL for Adults Program

Full compliance with SOPPA –Student Online Personal Protection Act

Full compliance with Faith’s Law and Erin’s Law

Purchased additional band instruments for students to support with equity, the enrollment for students in Grades 4-8 in band

Purchased band instrument storage and Music Library Storage for Brookwood Junior High School

Contracted with Suburban Youth Symphony Orchestra for Summer Violin Camp and lessons for students for the upcoming school year

Provided labor, material & equipment for a new Bathroom Toilet Unit & Plumbing in the Teacher’s Lounge at Longwood

Purchased a commercial electric range oven from Imperial for Brookwood Middle School

Approval to purchase LED Light Panels to retrofit light fixtures at Hickory Bend in the main hallways, foyers, and student washrooms

Installed LED lights in the Boiler Rooms, Washrooms, and Stage at Brookwood Jr. High School

Installed new smoke detectors in the locker rooms storage areas at Brookwood Jr. High School as required by the Life Safety Audit

Purchased from Ricco’s Repair Service, a new riding mower/tractor with snow thrower attachment and installation of cab kit & two (2) stage plow

Purchased an additional commercial Zero Turn lawn mower and plow package for proper maintenance of facilities

Purchased seventy (70) Alen Air HEPA Purifier Filters-Replacement for classrooms and other areas in the schools

Purchased four (4) AED Machines from Second Chance Cardiac Solutions, Inc. for each school

Approval of a retention stipend for the upcoming school year for certified and classified staff

Approval to add one additional Paraprofessional at each school for the 2023-2024 school year

Approval to have the stage draperies cleaned & flame proofed at BMS and BJHS

Approval for a contract with Utermark for the landscaping and lawn at Longwood Elementary due to custodial shortage

Approval to purchase Padcaster Studio Broadcast Systems for each school

Updated and approved all new legislative policies and revisions (legal compliance up to date — all policies)

Approval of Champions to provide a 2023 Summer Program and Before and After Care Programs
Approval of STEM Camp Intervention Program for our summer school program

Approval for a Multi-Year Service Agreement from BR Bleachers for Longwood Elementary, Brookwood Middle School and BrookwoodJunior High

Approval for Metropolitan Corporation to perform the Summer 2023 Life Safety/Facility Improvement Projects

Replacement of the BMS elevator hydraulic seals, gaskets and packings

Approval of the bus transportation contract with Kickert

Approval of the ERate Category 2 Wiring Project

Approval for the telephone upgrade service with Rival5

Approval of Bridges Beyond Brookwood Program offering summer employment opportunities for our former Brookwood students

Approval for Roeda Sign to install lettering/signage on the front outside of the gymnasium at Longwood Elementary

Approval of a renewal contract with Otis Elevator Maintenance

Approval to renew the contract with Net Ninja’s Web Services and Dyopath Tech. Support Services

Approval to renew Paper Tutoring Services for students in Grades 3-8 ensuring students have access to a tutor

Approval of the adoption of I-Ready Math Core Instructional Program for Grades K-5

Approval of a contract with Vanguard Energy in providing electricity for the district for a three (3) year term
Raised pay for Substitute Teachers $160/day & $50 for five (5) days worked; & $175 for a long-term rate making the District highly competitive to attract high quality substitutes

Approval of the purchase and installation of new carpet for Longwood’s Library by TOWNE Interiors

Approval of TMobile Contract to provide hotspots for our families in need of internet “Project 10 Million”

Approval of New Door Installation for Longwood Conference Room for access to New Pre-K Playground

Approval of a Pilot Initiative for Certified GEA Flex Plan Time

Contracted with Studio GC, Inc. Architects for design services for the Performing Arts/STEM Center Project

Approval of Electrical Work by Carrier Electric Company for the Administration storage shed

Purchased, through the State of Illinois Government Pricing, a Ford F250 Super Duty Pick-up Truck

Approval of 2023 Summer School Program and Reading/Math Curriculum to support the Summer School Program

Approval to purchase and replace Wall Pads in the gym at BMS

Local assessments used to collect data to drive educational decisions

Back to School Bash, Partnerships with Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Family Events, Mentoring Activities and much more -all fully supported by the Board
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