BrookwoodCrisisGo is a [comprehensive emergency planning and communications platform] that puts emergency response plans on mobile devices and desktops for immediate use when they are most needed.

With CrisisGo, administrators and staff in our district have quick access to emergency response procedures and can quickly report emergencies, call for help and stay connected during a crisis.

With CrisisGo, school district administrators and teachers have access to their emergency response plans right on their mobile devices, along with a communication system that helps them get through crisis situations.

CrisisGo gives our district the tools needed to ensure the safety of their students and staff when the unthinkable happens. With the touch of a finger, teachers and staff can access evacuation maps, student rosters, emergency contacts, a personal siren, and action checklists specifically for that person’s role.

If you would like more information about CrisisGo or how our district is prepared, please contact Ms. Jill Larson, District Crisis Coordinator at



Instantly send an audible Alert to every classroom computer/mobile device at the district or school level. Set different audible tones to match specific types of emergencies. Auto-escalation capabilities allow for law enforcement to be included for specific Alerts.



Stay connected in real-time by sending and receiving information through safety messaging groups before, during, and after an incident. Our two-way, multimedia messaging allows your people to send images, audio, videos, and other files to communicate more clearly.



Keep the members of your organization informed by sending content-specific safety content cards to their mobile device/computer. You can share social/emotional safety content materials from trusted educational organizations like ASCA, NASP, and the NSPRA.

Escalate To



Being able to automatically escalate an emergency alert to law enforcement is critical for cutting down the time it takes for officers to arrive on scene. Instead of waiting on dispatch to receive the information and relay it, officers can immediately learn about the emergency and head to the scene to offer assistance.

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