Brookwood 167

cell phone policy

Your Teachers and Staff will take the following steps to enforce our cell phone policy:

  1. If a student accesses a mobile phone, or if the phone is found to be on, the teacher or staff member will instruct the student to turn off the phone and put it away.
  2. If the student doesn’t comply and/or another violation occurs, the teacher or staff member will ask the student to relinquish their device. The employee will submit a Cell Phone Referral and the student’s phone to the main office.  At 3:10 p.m., when school is dismissed, the student can retrieve the device from the main office.
  3. If the student refuses to relinquish their phone upon request, the teacher or staff member will request an Administrator, who will request the device from the student and escort the student to the office.  A parent will be contacted, and the student will receive an Office Consequence. The student will receive their phone back at 3:10 p.m..
  4. With each Cell Phone Referral or Office Consequence, students will be issued a 5-day non-participation notice from after school clubs and activities.

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