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Dear Students and Parents:DR MOORE

The summer has ended and the school year has finally begun. Welcome back to the 2015-16 school year! It is without a doubt that we hope this will be your best year yet. Opening a new school year provides a new beginning for each student in our school. New beginnings are exciting and provide us with an opportunity to set new goals and targets in order to achieve our highest potential.

It is that time of the year to develop new friendships, join committees, participate in school activities, but most importantly; it is the beginning of many new learning experiences and growth as learners and curiosity seekers.

As we begin this school year each of you are aware that the Brookwood School District has  a dedicated  and committed teaching and  support  staff  that will  provide a student-centered learning environment to challenge students,encourage creative and critical thinking skills, foster respect and responsibility, develop leaders and cultivate life-long learners and success.

In addition to a challenging curriculum, this calendar/handbook will provide you with an overview of the events taking place at all four schools in the district. Your child will receive the best education when you and our dedicated teachers and support staff work as a team. Your enthusiasm as a parent, support and involvement inspires our students and our teachers’ ability to ignite each child’s natural born talents in the classroom. As you think about it, one day your child is in kindergarten and before you know it they will be an 8th grader.

It happens so quickly, and for this reason, I encourage you to seize the moment and take time from your busy schedule to fully embrace the moment and participate in your child’s upcoming school year and become familiar with your child’s teachers and school as well as create a homework-friendly environment that will encourage your child to excel to greater academic heights as a learner.

Thank you for your commitment to your child’s education and we look forward to seeing you at many of our upcoming school events in the near future.

Yours in education,


Dr. Valorie M. Moore
Superintendent of Schools
Brookwood School District 167