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November | COPD Awareness Month



National COPD Awareness Month dedicates all of November to educating the public about a disease that makes breathing difficult. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is any disorder that persistently bronchial obstructs airflow. During National COPD Awareness Month, learn about the causes and become an advocate for prevention.

One of the biggest causes of COPD is smoking. While it’s not the only cause, this lifestyle factor plays an overwhelming role in determining risk factors for COPD. If you care about your respiratory health and you smoke, take steps to quit smoking now. Other environmental factors that may point toward COPD include dust, chemical exposure and more.

El Mes nacional de concientización sobre la EPOC dedica todo noviembre a educar al público sobre una enfermedad que dificulta la respiración. La enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica (EPOC) es cualquier trastorno que persistentemente obstruye el flujo de aire bronquial. Durante el Mes Nacional de Concientización sobre la EPOC, conozca las causas y conviértase en un defensor de la prevención.

Una de las mayores causas de EPOC es fumar. Si bien no es la única causa, este factor de estilo de vida juega un papel abrumador en la determinación de los factores de riesgo para la EPOC. Si se preocupa por su salud respiratoria y fuma, tome medidas para dejar de fumar ahora. Otros factores ambientales que pueden apuntar hacia la EPOC incluyen polvo, exposición química y más.

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The Importance of Student Wellness


[Student Wellness], including good nutrition and physical activity, shall be promoted in the District’s educational program, school activities, and meal programs. This policy shall be interpreted consistently with Section 204 of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004.


Goals For Nutrition Education And Nutrition Promotion…

The goals for addressing nutrition education and nutrition promotion include the following:

  • Schools will support and promote good nutrition for students;
  • Schools will foster the positive relationship between good nutrition, physical activity, and the capacity of students to develop and learn;
  • Nutrition education will be part of the District’s comprehensive health education curriculum. See Board of Education policy 6:60, Curriculum Content.

Goals For Physical Activity…

The goals for addressing physical activity include the following:

  • Schools will support and promote an active lifestyle for students;
  • Physical education will be taught in all grades and shall include a developmentally planned and sequential curriculum that fosters the development of movement skills, enhances health related fitness, increases students’ knowledge, offers direct opportunities to learn how to work cooperatively in a group setting, and encourages healthy habits and attitudes for a healthy lifestyle. See Board policy 6:60, Curriculum Content;
  • During the school day, all students will be required to engage in a daily physical education course, unless otherwise exempted. See Board policy 6:60, Curriculum Content;
  • The curriculum will be consistent with and incorporate relevant Illinois Learning Standards for Physical Development and Health as established by the Illinois State Board of Education.


Stay Current With Our Superintendent Ms. Bethany A. Lindsay
“From The Desk Communication”!


Ms. Bethany A. Lindsay

Meet Our Superintendent

The Brookwood School District 167 Board of Education has named Ms. Bethany A. Lindsay as the next superintendent of schools starting July 1st, 2018 to succeed Dr. Valorie M. Moore, Ed.D., who is retiring at the end of the school year. Ms. Lindsay currently is the principal of Brookwood Junior High School.

The selection is the result of a national search conducted with the assistance of the Illinois Association of School Boards that produced nearly 36 qualified applicants from diverse geographic and professional backgrounds.

We are extraordinarily pleased with the outcome of this search process. In the end, Ms. Bethany A. Lindsay proved herself the best fit to carry forward the vision of the District. Her track record of driving academic excellence at BJHS over the past 26 years, along with her passion for working with students and families of our community, demonstrates her capability to succeed in this new role.


District Office Team

Ms. Bethany A. Lindsay Superintendent
Ms. Robin Powell Executive Secretary/ Superintendent
Ms. Kathy Hatczel Director of Curriculum
Ms. Lena Martinez Director of Special Services
Ms. Debra Sudd Business Manager
Mr. Michael McDaniel Director of Facilities and Operations
Ms. Jan Machnikowski Food Service Manager
Ms. Patricia Hutson Accounts Payable/ Payroll
Ms. Lakitta Wallace Special Services Secretary

Moving Forward

It is our commitment to ensure we best prepare all of our students for lifelong success!  We have taken the following technology advancements to help create a learning environment in which all students excel at becoming lifelong learners and decision makers.

  • State Of The Art Website Technology
  • Complete Social Media Integration To Provide Real-Time Updates
  • Direct Technology Integration With Our Technology Partners
  • Our Most Comprehensive Resource Tools To Date
  • A Continued Promise To Delivery The Best For Our Students!

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