Brookwood 167

DR MOOREGreetings Brookwood Families, Staff and Community:

We have finished the new and improved school schedules for each of our buildings for the 2014-15 school year.

The purpose of creating a new schedule is to ensure that we provide new opportunities for our staff to team with their grade level and content area colleagues, offer 120 minutes of block scheduling, while at the same time creating rotation schedules in the special areas of art, music, and physical education. This will be coupled with having assigned staff to provide intervention to assist students in Language Arts, Math, and STEM classes on a daily and consistent basis.

All teachers have a schedule to ensure improvement in teaching and learning and equity among staff members as well as accountability. We are proud of the schedule for other reasons starting with Brookwood Middle School students will change classes for the first time and teachers are now departmentalized like the Junior High School. Hickory Bend and Longwood Elementary will have the same exact schedule and offerings. Finally, the Junior High School grade level teams will have lunch and planning back to back to allow for better teaming.

As a result of the new schedule, we will offer all staff professional development at our first Institute Day in August on “teaming”. As Superintendent, part of my vision is for teachers to team together to have discussions about student instruction, curriculum, data, and to actually bring academic strategies to the team. Teacher grade level teams will have lunch and their planning periods back to back to allow for more teaming and collaboration with their peers to improve student learning.

We are so excited about the schedule as it did not involve any more than five building transfers. Each building will have a full-time art, music, reading specialist teacher and library clerk. I would be remiss if I did not stress the extensive opportunities we now will offer due to the new school schedules next year.

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Lastly, we will be starting a new STEM Program in each of our schools through Project Lead the Way! Some of our teachers will undergo training this summer. More information will be forth coming.


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Enjoy the rest of your summer and plan for an upcoming, exciting 2014-2015 school year.

Yours in Education,


Dr. Valorie Moore
Superintendent of Schools
Brookwood School District 167