Teacher Of The Year

Teacher Of The Year | 2013 – 2014

Emma Kirtley

Emma Kirtley

Emma Kirtley has been a teacher at Brookwood School District 167 for 34 years. She has made many positive contributions to the district. Mrs. Kirtley has taught Explore for several years. She maintains high standards for all of her students regardless of their academic abilities or standings. This is truly a testament that “All students can learn if given a chance”. Mrs. Kirtley shares her time and commitment by being a part of the summer school program. Mrs. Kirtley is a staple of Brookwood School District’s community. Ms. Kirtley has always held high expectations of all of her students, which is demonstrated in her daily lessons.  Without a doubt,for the past 34 years, Emma Kirtley has touched the lives of several generations of students in our community as an outstanding role model for our children.